Municipal, County, and Federal Civil Court Records

Civil Court Records

Civil Court Records

Civil Court Records Searches help provide a "sanity" check on individuals who are being employed into a position of responsibility, providing valuable insight into how an individual conducts himself on a personal and/or professional basis, especially when a pattern of civil court lawsuits, judgments, liens, or foreclosures are present.

In many states when a judgment has been rendered in a civil court action, that judgment can be filed with a local or state recording office to create a lien. Many civil court jurisdictions refer to this lien as a Judgment Lien or an Abstract of Judgment Lien. These liens act as a public notification of the civil court judgment and can prevent the debtor from entering into various corporate or real estate transactions until the civil court judgment has been satisfied. The civil court judgment itself is also a matter of public record and can be searched on the civil court record systems where the civil court case was processed.

County Civil Court Records – Upper Court Search
County Civil Court Searches examine the county civil courts’ index for civil lawsuits, liens, and judgments (not divorces). By searching the civil court of general jurisdiction, it can be determined whether the individual or business has been the defendant in a civil court lawsuit and the outcome of the case. The report includes: Plaintiff, complaint, civl court case type, and Judgment. *Civil court fees may apply.

Federal Civil Court , Bankrupcty Court , Appellate Court Records - Turn Around Time: 24-72 hours
Select from among 94 Federal Judicial District Civil Courts for civil records involving federal laws. Searches are performed based on first and last name, DOB, SSN, and District.

Nationwide Liens and Judgments (Database) Search - Turnaround 24 hours
This nationwide database search locates current and historical records of liens and civil court judgments against an individual.

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